MINISTRIES (Service & Activities)

KOMPAS (Basic Coaching Group)

KOMPAK (Bible Study Group)


* SADAR is a program where we pray together (especifically for the flow of praise and worship and the GMI services, requests for God’s presence). It is open to all who wants to support in prayer and held every Sunday about 30 minutes before the services start in each city / place.
* Every day GMI conducts SADAR (ONE INTEGRATED PRAYER HOUR) which involves all members of the GMI congregation in all cities and places. An hour of prayer every day is one of the response to the Lord Jesus' warning in Matthew 26:40 b-41 so that His church can stay strong in the Spirit. Its implementation is practiced in a simple and practical way and is not limited by place. See separate info!
* Prayers and fastings are carried out in their own place / home by all administrators, workers (of every section) and also by all members of the GMI congregation every Friday to Saturday. It starts right at 12:00 a.m. (Friday) and ends on Saturday at 12:00 p.m. Every month, we end the fasting together at each church locations.